Islands Hawaiian Furniture / Coral Reef Wetsuits
14161 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA  92683
(714) 894-3483

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Tiki Bars $189.00 -- Tiki Fountains $145.00 --  Tikis ALL SIZES!  -- Rattan Patio sets includes umbrella $269.00 -- Bamboo Thatched Umbrellas $179.00 -- Roof Thatching -- Tropical Decor Galore --- CALL!  Factory Showroom 714 894 3483 --- HOURS:  Tues - Sat 10 - 5  --- Closed Sun & Mon
14161 Beach Blvd - Westminster, CA  92683
(714) 894-3483
Islands Hawaiian Furniture factory & Coral Reef Wetsuits is one of the last brick & mortar shops left in U.S.A, and in the same location since 1979 we build more than 50% of our products on site at our Beach Blvd location, in the City of Westminster 92683.  If your looking for hand made Tropical Furniture, hand carved handy crafts or Tiki's poles Please come by and experience our relaxed atmosphere, we do not do the standard sales approach, we let you relax and enjoy the calm of the islands we have made in our factory store,  We build trust with our customers, We see 3 generations of  customers, when we first met them there parents brought them in, now they bring there children or there grandchildren, we have great relationships with our customer’s, we have over the years made life long friendships that are still strong today,  you can talk with us about all your furniture needs, you can call the shop we answer the phone and can give you an answer on the spot,(except on Sun or Mon were  Closed) We have customers come from all over the world, and when there in town they stop by to pick up another piece for there collection, and they know there buying hand made goods, not banged out by a computer,  90% of our products are all hand made, if not by us personally, then buy a native that thanks you very much for helping there family, the money you spend with us stays in our community.

we hear from so many customers that they had finally found a real all wood Tropical furniture store with Soul that they can touch, feel, sit, pick fabrics, feel the fabrics, and ask questions and get a knowledgeable answer. Our customers share there stories with us how they love there furniture and there friends are blown away, and ask them where did you get this awesome furniture, or that Tiki is incredible, we love to here there wonderful stories, and how happy they are, real people real experiences, it doesn’t get any better than that. many tell us when they come home from work after fighting the traffic and all the rest of the stuff that the city life has to offer, they open there door and see there Tropical paradise they have made and now there back in the Islands,  they start feeling that Aloha spirit slowly creeping its way back into there thoughts, there now back in the safety of there own pacific Island

Heres how it all started years ago we would travel to far off pacific islands on surf and scuba dive  vacations and see furniture that you would only see in those old movies, as we traveled from Island to Island, you begin falling in love with the ease of the Islands and the friendly native people and  there Awesome products they make, you could see they put happiness in all of there work and you see it in the furniture and also in there faces, now we had access to these wonderful pieces, we couldn’t believe the styles  they were making for clients all over the world, so we decided to take a chance and bring some of the pieces we liked back to the States to see if other people felt the same way we did about theses exotic styles, and as time went on and the word got out that we had a Tropical authentic real wood furniture line, and a super Tiki collection we found there were many people that liked the Island style living just as we do. 

  As we learned more from the Islander craftsmen we traveled to other distant pacific Islands to see other styles of furniture and hand carved Tikis, we were drawn  more to the older Vintage Tropical styles from the 1930's 40' & 50' and that’s how we got started building our own Vintage collection of  Rattan furniture right  here in the United States, so there you have it, that’s why we say

Furniture with Soul